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Air Sealing Your Attic in Huntsville, AL

air sealing an attic

Air Sealing Your Attic Is Just As Important As Insulation - If Not More So

As professional attic insulation installers here in Huntsville, AL, we get asked all the time "is air sealing actually that important?"

The answer is absolutely!

Here at Insulation Plus, we actually had a customer who was suffering from a home that was too hot in the summer, and too cold in the winter - and he had a brand new HVAC system. He hired us to remove his insulation and air seal his attic - he then decided he wanted to re-install the brand new insulation himself, which we agreed.

Well, he eventually got around to doing that six months later. However, he called us at that time, and told us that even with no insulation in his attic for six months, most of which was summer, his utility bill was on average $150 less per month than it had been with his old insulation in his attic!

That is the power of air sealing - one of the single most effective ways to make your home more efficient, and save on your utility bills. What is air sealing?

  • Sealing all top plates in the attic

  • Covering and sealing all light fixtures and other ceiling penetrations

  • Clearing out soffits, and installing baffles for the purpose of blocking insulation, and increasing attic airflow

  • Sealing around the attic door

  • Other services not in the attic, including sealing windows, door thresholds, crawlspace areas and more.

Here at Insulation Plus, we aren't just simply a North Alabama insulation company that just does insulation - we make sure your home's envelope is tight and proper prior to re-installing your insulation

Insulation Plus is a local, Huntsville insulation contractor who serves Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, Scottsboro, Athens, Lacey's Springs, Arab and all of North Alabama.

Call Insulation Plus Today (256) 258-8010

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