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Crawl Space Insulation Removal in Huntsville, AL

Crawl space insulation

Simply put, your crawl space should not have insulation in it here in Alabama. With our moist and humid climate, having insulation in your crawl space is a recipe for heightened moisture content, mold and musty odors. Luckily, here at Insulation Plus, we remove crawl space insulation for our customers all the time.

Crawl space insulation removal in Huntsville, AL is affordable, fast, and more than pays for itself. Our team of insulation professionals will come out to your home to assess the situation, give you a prompt estimate, and can typically get you on our schedule within a week or less.

Why should you remove the insulation from your crawlspace?

- Crawl space insulation holds moisture

- Extra moisture in your crawl space can lead to mold

- Mold in your crawl space leads to odors, health issues and destruction

- Crawl space insulation also attracts pests

Call Insulation Plus at (256) 258-8010 for a 100% free crawl space and attic inspection.

In addition to crawl space insulation removal, we also offer:

- Attic insulation installation

- Air sealing

- Mold remediation

- Home envelope improvement services

In addition to Huntsville, Insulation Plus also serves Madison, Decatur, Athens, Scottsboro and most of North Alabama.

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