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How To Insulate Walls Without Removing Drywall

interior wall

Yes! Interior walls can be insulated without removing the drywall. Here's how.

Here at Insulation Plus, we are asked often if we are able to insulate interior walls without removing the customer's drywall. Some of the reasons for this are temperature control and also soundproofing. Though it is arguably easier to install insulation in an open wall cavity, luckily it is possible to insulate without removing the walls. Here is How To Insulate Walls Without Removing Drywall.

First, Insulation Plus would come to your home to take measurements, and determine the gameplan for insulating the wall. Once we arrive to do the job, we would drill 2-inch holes into each cavity of the wall to be insulated, and then fill the wall cavity with dense-packed cellulose insulation.

Cellulose insulation is the superior choice for insulating walls, as it can be air-tight if applied correctly, and has a greater R-value than other types of insulation, like fiberglass.

If insulating a wall for temperature or soundproofing purposes is something you are looking to do, give Insulation Plus a call today at 256-258-8010. We also specialize in all types of insulation installation, insulation removal, home envelope improvement, and rodent droppings cleanup.

We serve Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Decatur and all of North Alabama.

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